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Every business with a blog needs to ensure that their blog posts are well written, attractive and free of errors.

Keeping a blog is great to increase web traffic, it helps with organic SEO and lets you show off your expertise in your field. Maintaining a blog is also very time consuming. A Virtual Assistant can help with many tasks associated with your blog. If you haven’t got one yet, check this previous post which will get you blogging in no time!

A Virtual Assistant will be able to proof read your posts and make sure they are understandable to everyone.

A Virtual PA can also search for relevant images for your posts and upload, tag and publish videos to your YouTube and Vimeo account.

A Virtual Assistant can do keyword research for your site and your competitors to ensure maximum exposure for your posts. VA can also hyperlink to other relevant posts and web pages. Fill in the Metadata for your posts and the images Alt Tags.

Sharing your blog post on Social Media channels can be time consuming, a Virtual PA can ensure your post has been shared to all the proper channels and set you up with some of the ones you may not have signed up to yet such as blog directories and social bookmarking sites.

Once your post has been published, a Virtual Assistant can then deal with the comments left by readers. He can delete the ones off topic, delink before approving if necessary. VA can also respond with a simple “Thank you” when appropriate and notify you if there is a question which you would need to draft a quick response to.

A Virtual Assistant can also help you build backlinks to your blog by posting comments on your behalf on relevant other blogs with DoFollow or CommentLuv enabled. A Virtual PA can also research suitable bloggers who could be invited to write guest posts for you.

A Virtual Assistant can also submit your articles to Ezine, Squidoo and Hubpages for example. He can also ensure they are submitted to the top 10 ranking article sites to allow you to stay on top of you game.

Need tips on how to successfully manage your Virtual Assistant? Browse our website www.callarup.com to see the different skill sets of the personal assistant you can work with and let us know how we can help.
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