Staff Outsourcing: The Next BIG Thing To Your Business

A Virtual Assistant essentially works for you from a remote office. In today's global market, many companies have outsourced Virtual Assistants working for them, as it has proven to be a cheap and cost effective way to hire the right employees. Its a great way to minimize overheads whilst not sacrificing productivity.

You can hire a outsourced Virtual Assistant to work full time for you for most disciplines. Whether you need a virtual assistant to just support you in your back office work, or you need a virtual assistance to support you in front office, we have the employees already vetted to work for you.

Call Arup offers Virtual Assistants to:

Entrepreneurs hire Virtual Assistants

Are you starting out new in business? As you know your top priority is to keep overheads low. Minimal cost whilst maintaining productivity is the key to success in business and staying ahead of your competition. As a new starter hiring a virtual assistant from day 1 is a great idea. As your business grows you can hire more virtual assistants in different roles to support your growing business,essentially growing a virtual workforce.

Small Business Owners hire Virtual Assistants

During these difficult times, you are probably feeling the pinch on your costs. Reducing staff is a catch 22 situation. You need the staff, but at the same time they are a huge cost. Our solution to you is to replace your employees that are essential in the business but are involved in non-value added task, with our virtual assistant who will do the equivalent work at 70% less salary!

Medium Size Enterprises hire Virtual Assistants

If you need teams of virtual assistants, perhaps you are considering offshoring part of a business, perhaps you are looking to set up a call center service, or perhaps you want an extension to your HR team to deal with the back office work, we want to hear from you. We have capable virtual assistants who working within our organisation, ready to be assigned to you.

Want to hire a virtual assistant but not sure if you have the budget? Check it here

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