Importance of Hashtag you should know

Some years back Hashtag was just a pound symbol ( (# ) and considered as a special character (Hash mark), but now social blue bird just flew on this HASH MARK to make it an online sensation as #HASHTAG.

Social Media Marketing evolved in a greater sense in these years, Hashtag is one of the core of this evolution. Twitter in 2008, Officially announced adoption of hyperlinking terms appending with hash sign with a keyword.

It's hard to find a post without using #, especially in Twitter and Instagram. Mostly hashtags used for logical discussions on Twitter or way to express the thought about a moment in Instagram.


Simply described, combination of words with a pound sign marked that used frequently across various social media platforms. The basic mission of hashtags to provide the users locate there posts quickly amongst tons of posts shared daily in the blink of an eye over varied social media platforms.

Why to use Hashtags?

As mentioned, they increase Brand’s social media presence that make your content viewable to people who are interested in a particular hashtag. Furthermore hashtag presence goes beyond your followers.

  • Categorise your piece of content i,e. Keywords among the ocean of contents in Social media using hashtags.
  • Increase your brand identity and make a path to grow your business online in Digital World.
  • In a world of promotions - Hashtags term as World-of-mouth, they serve as great visibility for a campaign.
  • Hashtag for a cause - Many of the political/social movements select a Hashtag for the cause and make it a trend or a sensation

How to use Hashtag strategy ?


Hashtags are very impactful in twitter, though the person is not following you also can participate in a conversation. As per researchers, 2-3 are optimal usage of hashtags. Over than that can cause a drop in engagement.


Generally there are 2 popular types in Instagram: Community and branded hashtags. To measure the popularity of your brand use Branded Hashtags. Community hashtags connect people of a particular topic.

Instagram allows 30 hashtags on a post but that many will make your post look overloaded with hashtags so keep it to max 4.

Tools to find HASHTAGS

Due to the popularity of Hashtags over social media, many tools assist you to have the best and perfect tags. Identify the trending usage of the hashtag & its effectiveness in your niche area. - One of the Finest FREE Tool to search and find the popular, trending Hashtags. This tool also gives you numeric value to the usage of the tag with other similar options.

RiteTag offers instant hashtag suggestions that you can use for Facebook and Twitter with up-to-date hashtag performance.

If not including hashtags with your Social Media Posts, it’s not too late to join the trend.

Hashtags are continuously growing in Social Media Marketing platform, create better business opportunities with the use of HASHTAGS.

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