7 best content idea generator tools

Now that you know the importance of using different types of content and are aware of some examples let’s look at the best content idea generator tools that can enhance your strategy. Check them out!

1. HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

This HubSpot tool is excellent for generating topic ideas for your blog posts. Simple and intuitive, the Blog Topic Generator asks you to enter 5 nouns of your choice. From there, it offers suggestions that can serve as a starting point for you to create a genuinely engaging post.

2. Impact’s Blog Title Generator

This tool also aims at facilitating your process of choosing topics for your blog posts, but goes beyond that. The user can navigate between different topic recommendations and customize the suggested titles with their own keywords.

3. Answer the Public

Answer the public is one of the complete tools for generating content ideas. It works by analyzing data collected from search engines like Google.

You need to enter the keyword you want to use and that’s it: the tool will indicate the phrases most searched by the audience that include the keyword. From here, you can use these insights to produce content that answers the audience’s questions.

4. BuzzSumo’s Question Analyzer

As you know, part of the secret to the success of a content strategy comes from the ability to take advantage of the most relevant trends of the moment. And for that, there’s nothing better than using BuzzSumo.

In addition to finding the main user questions, this BuzzSumo tool lists the most engaging content, identifies high-traffic keywords, and even forms reports based on online discussion forums, such as Reddit.

5. SEOPressor’s Blog Title Generator

This tool is another one that generates blog title alternatives, but it has a few different features.

When you enter the keyword you want to explore, the software allows you to indicate whether the word refers to a skill, a person, a brand, or if it’s just a generic term. This way, you will receive more personalized suggestions.

6. UberSuggest Content Idea Generator

Developed by Neil Patel, UberSuggest is a tool widely used in the Search Marketing field. You can use it for several functions, such as analyzing the difficulty to rank a keyword and estimating the cost per click of a paid campaign.

When it comes to generating ideas, the tool offers you options for the keywords you enter and indicates content you can create to generate organic traffic to your website.

7. Klock Work Infographic Idea Generator

Visual content is extremely useful in engaging the public, even more so if it is interactive. This tool works like the blog title generators but focuses on infographics.

To use it, you need to type the subject you consider relevant and press enter. In a few seconds, the software will present dozens of ideas that can stimulate your creativity.

A good Digital Marketing strategy can make a difference in your company’s results. Now that you know the best content idea generator tools, you can conduct this process more creatively and efficiently.

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