Inventory Management Virtual Assistants

Managing Inventory requires a focused approach keeping in mind the various aspects of the business, to keep sales flowing smoothly. In order to help e-commerce businesses to facilitate their sales and growth, we offer our expert Inventory Management Virtual Assistants. They are well-trained in various e-commerce facets, especially Amazon, to carry out the task in a thought-out manner.

Our Inventory Managers holds experience in managing stocks and inventory for a smooth sales process. Managing Inventory is a science in today’s digital world, where most of the population is buying and selling online. Without proper inventory management on Amazon, businesses can lose their customers to their competitors which would adversely impact their rankings on the search results for their products.

Our Inventory Managers prevent stockouts from its drastic effects by:

  • Regularly monitoring the inventory
  • Forecasting the brand’s requirements

These tasks include careful management and critical calculations of demand and supply which is time-consuming and also deterring the sellers to focus on their business growth strategy.  Our Inventory management experts focus on increasing sales and maintaining Amazon seller account health by keeping a watch on the inventory and thus preventing stockouts.

The tasks carried out by our Inventory Management Virtual Assistants are:

  1. Calculate Lead Time: Our Inventory Management executives understand the importance of accessing lead time. Lead time is the amount of time it takes from placing an order to the supplier of the product and it being available at Amazon. It requires a calculated approach to grasp the lead time which is essential for inventory management.
  2. Determine Sales Velocity: Our Inventory Managers are excellent analyzers who determine every aspect of the business to handle the inventory preventing unavailability of products cautiously. Miscalculating the sales velocity can prove loss to the company and hamper its reputation in the marketplace. Our Inventory Managers ensure of determining precise sales velocity for the brands blocking all sorts of risks associated with miscalculation.
  3. Maintain Safety Stock: Our Inventory Management Virtual Assistants maintain the safety stock if the sales velocity fluctuates. They maintain enough safety stock to prevent risks of stocking out which can prevent the products to lower their sales rank and visibility as well as wreck the brand name.
  4. Check Inbound Inventory: To prevent over-ordering, our Inventory Managers keep an eye on the inbound inventory and add it to the overall inventory saving the brand from piling inventories on Amazon.
  5. Manage Reorder: Our Inventory management experts monitor the units of stock and maintain record for calculating the time of reordering from the suppliers. Doing this aids to adequate inventory preventing delay of the reordered supplies.
  6. Inventory check during Q4: The last quarter of the year is a crucial time for sellers on e-commerce giants like Amazon during which the sale is at the hike. Our Inventory Management Virtual Assistants plan and maintain sufficient stock on the marketplace in advance to prevent unavailability of the products impacting the sales drastically in the festive season. They utilize Keyword research tools to grasp the volume of the searches for the products and estimate the safe inventory units accordingly.

Amazon is an extremely competitive marketplace where millions of sellers strive to stand out among their competitors. It is crucial for sellers in this marketplace to maintain proper inventory in order to rank better for the product searches and boost their sales. Our only aim is to provide e-commerce businesses with our expert resources to help them make a mark on a global level.

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