10 Must Have Social Media Tools For Small Businesses


Hootsuite is a scheduling tool for your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram posts (and more). It automatically publishes your posts to the relevant social media accounts. You can also monitor your post activity directly on the platform.


Canva is a graphics design tool. You can use it to create visuals for your social media accounts: Instagram posts/stories, Facebook cover, Twitter posts, Pinterest Pins, etc…


Unsplash gives you access to free stock images.


Linktree is an Instagram tool. It is a free bio link tool that houses all the content you want to drive your followers to. On Instagram, you can only have one website link in your bio. With Linktree, you can list more than one: you can link your website, a specific blog post, an event you are hosting, etc…


Boomerang takes a burst of photos that loops forward and backward to create a small video. It is a fun way to liven up your Instagram stories.


Mojo is a story editor for Instagram with built-in animated templates and text effects. Perfect for beginners.

Grid Maker

Grid Maker helps you create a puzzle grid on Instagram: It allows you to select a grid pattern (e.g. 3x3 grid pattern for a square picture) and create tiles from an image, which you can then post individually on your Instagram feed to create an even larger image.


Hashtagify is a tool for Twitter and Instagram. It helps you generate hashtags using a photo of your choice. It suggests hashtags automatically for you and shows hashtags’ popularity as well.


PixaMotion is a photo animator. It allows you to create live photos, moving backgrounds and themes with animation effects. It creates eye-catching and interactive animations.


Boosted is a video maker for business. It helps you create videos to help you build your brand/business. Videos are really simple and quick to create using one of the many templates available.


BIGVU is a teleprompter and subtitle captions maker. It allows you to shoot and post videos on social media. It offers a teleprompter feature: all you need to do is upload your script and read it during the video shoot. It also gives you the option to add subtitle captions to your video (so your video can be viewed without sound).

Most of these tools are free to use. However certain features require the Premium versions.

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