10 Tools For Generating Content Ideas For Your Blog And Social Media


Coming up with content ideas is not always easy. That’s why we use a number of tools to help me plan our social media content strategy.

These are our favourite resources:

Google Trend

Google Trend is great. It allows me to see the topics people are searching for in real-time.

Answer the Public

Answer the public is a keyword tool that visualises search questions in a search cloud. It shows the questions that people are asking about a specific keyword (e.g. if your keyword is virtual assistant, it will show the following results: how do virtual assistants work? what do virtual assistants do?). All I have to do then is create a post that answers the question asked by the public.

Awareness Days

The National Awareness Days (www.national-awareness-days.com) website is great for inspiration. I can choose specific awareness days for my industry and post content about them on social media.

Inspiration Quotes

I use a website called Brainy Quotes (www.brainyquote.com). It allows me to search per keyword, which is quite handy.


Ubbersuggest helps me generate keyword ideas and find out the content pieces that are getting the most social shares (based on my keywords).


I follow my industry-specific hashtags or hashtags around topics I am interested in.

Facebook/LinkedIn groups

I join business-related groups (on Facebook/LinkedIn) based on my industry or geographical location.


I look at what’s trending on Twitter.

Google Alerts

I monitor the web for interesting new content (based on alerts I set up) and get notifications when new content is generated.


Networking is a great way to find out what’s current in the business world. It is a great source of inspiration for me. I use the topics of conversation discussed to create my blog/social media posts.

 There are so many tools out there. Try a few of these tools and see which ones work best for you.

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