Business benefits of hiring us

With close to 90 percent possessing extensive on-the-job experience and training, the Call Arup has created a list of ten business benefits of hiring us.

1. Cost Savings – The real cost of an employee is two to two and a half times their salary! By partnering with a VA you are not responsible for: payroll tax, workers’ compensation, superannuation, sick and holiday leave, training, equipment and office space nor the cost of hiring someone to administer these things!

2. Symbiosis – The VA has a vested interest in helping your business flourish and they too are in business so well equipped to provide the support you require.

3. Commitment – The VA works for you and is committed to you and your business – not a temp agency where constant change in support can occur.

4. Productivity – As the VA works in their own office, precious time (and consequently your money) is not wasted on office politics, socializing around the water cooler, mandatory breaks, and personal issues.

5. Flexibility – You pay only for the time on task – the VA works only when you require so you are not paying for idle staff to gossip, play games or browses the internet.

6. Confidentiality – The VA works alone reducing the risk of unauthorized access to computer files and confidentiality of your intellectual property is assured.

7. Technology – The VA is well versed in current trends in technology and can assist you to operate your business more efficiently with the tools and resources available.

8. Sounding Board – The VA, as your professional partner can be your sounding board for all your ideas, events, products or services.

9. Access – The VA can work after hours and on weekends offering services out of hours.

10. No risk of unfair dismissal, harassment and discrimination suits.

What are you waiting for? Sign-up and experience the World's leading Virtual Assistance Service. Whatever you need, here we are to perform your business and personal tasks 24/7.
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