How To Deal With A Bad Google Review?

Have you ever received a bad review on Google?

Receiving a bad review can be quite upsetting. Sometimes we know it is coming (let's be honest, everyone has good days and bad days), and sometimes it comes as a shock...

This is how to deal with a bad Google review:

1/ Reply to the review in a professional manner.

2/ If you believe that the review is "inappropriate", you can flag it by selecting a reason (e.g. spam and fake content, off-topic, impersonation...). You should get a decision from Google fairly quickly (a few days).

3/ If you are not happy with the decision, you can appeal it. Use the support section in your Google My Business account (“Support” -> “Need more help” -> “Customer reviews and photos” -> “Manage customer reviews” -> “Email support”) and draft an email to support your appeal. It can take a few weeks to get a response and it is not guaranteed that the review will be taken down.

To be honest, at the point, when you receive a response from Google, you would probably already have moved on... 

Receiving a bad review is not all bad; it adds a little bit of authenticity to your Google my Business Account. No one is perfect and, as much as we all read reviews before making an important purchase, we also know that reviews must also be taken with a pinch of salt. When it is too good to be true, it’s because it probably is…

So, don’t worry too much about receiving a bad review, the key is to deal with it in a professional manner. You will soon add some more lovely reviews to your account and forget about this one.

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