In Todays Economy You Need A Virtual Assistant


When I’m talking to real estate agents about how a Virtual Assistant can boost their business, here are some of the things I hear:

• “Times are tough! I can’t afford another expense!”

• “I’m not doing enough business to keep a Virtual Assistant busy.”

• “Only Super Agents have Virtual Assistants…I’m just getting started.”

What would you say if I told you the opposite of each of these statements is true? Over the next few weeks, I’m going to show you why you can’t afford NOT to hire a VA. Hiring a Virtual Assistant, especially in hard times, is the sign of a real estate agent who wants to succeed.

Let’s look at that first statement. The truth is, when the economy’s down, you can’t afford to take your eye off the ball. Every time you stop listing or selling real estate to do work someone else could do, you’re costing yourself money.

Think of it this way—a major league baseball pitcher has a highly specialized set of skills. He’s the only one on his team who can pitch strikes. How much sense would it make if he started spending several hours a day cleaning baseballs instead of practicing? It wouldn’t be long before his game started to suffer, would it?

It makes just as much sense for a talented real estate professional to spend several hours a day uploading listings or scanning her email for new leads. Today’s Virtual Assistants are well-prepared to handle those tasks, so why take your eye off the ball?

Here’s another thought…most real estate agents I know are busy, busy people. Stopping to make travel reservations or order thank you gifts for clients costs them valuable “face time” with listing prospects and clients. This time saving method for handling the details of your life gives you the freedom to stay in the game.

That kind of concierge service has one more bonus you may not have considered. Having your clients receive a call from your “personal assistant” gives you a special status. With things the way they are in real estate today, buyers and sellers want to know they’re working with a professional. What better way than to have your “staff” making sure your clients are taken care of?

The economy is putting tremendous pressure on you to perform as a real estate agent. Take the next step toward stability and success by allowing a personal assistant to relieve some of that pressure. I’m looking forward to hearing your success stories!

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