Where should you use hashtags on LinkedIn?

We all know that we should use hashtags on Instagram and Twitter. Users are starting to use hashtags on Facebook and we should use hashtags on LinkedIn too.

LinkedIn are really encouraging the use of hashtags.

I just give you a quick example. I recently posting something on LinkedIn using the hashtag #virtualassistant

A few days later, I received a notification saying “Congrats, your post has been trending in #virtualassistant”:

This means that LinkedIn has recognised the fact my content generated interest and has shown my post to the users following this hashtag. In my case, LinkedIn showed my post to the 18,152 followers of the #virtualassistant hashtag. More than 3,000 users viewed my post.

Hashtags should be a part of your social media strategy

Hashtags help users find content on specific topics.

It helps you reach a wider audience and help your posts get discovered by others, even when they are not connected to you, provided your account is public (i.e. if your account is set as private, your hashtags will not be discoverable).

How to choose hashtags?

Choose hashtags relevant to your industry.

Check the hashtags' popularity by typing the hashtag in the header search bar. It will show you how many people follow the hashtags.

Check the contextual meaning of your hashtags (e.g. make sure they mean what you think they mean) and check who posts within those hashtags.

Don’t use too many popular hashtags. Use a balance of popular and niche hashtags - variations of popular hashtags (e.g. don’t use #digitalmarketing, use #digitalmarketingservices instead). This way your content will stand out and your post will appear at the top of the searches for that specific hashtag.

Use location hashtags as well (e.g. if you are based in Kent, add the #kent hashtag to your post) to be discovered by the users who have an interest in your location.

When writing a post, if you are struggling to find relevant hashtags, use the hashtags automatically generated by LinkedIn. Don’t use too many hashtags (3-5 hashtags should be enough).

Where should you use hashtags on LinkedIn?

Hashtags can be used in posts but also in your profile (headline and summary), articles, and comments.

Keep a list of all the hashtags you are using. When a post performs well, check which hashtags you used and make sure you use them again.

Good luck!

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