Why You Should Hire a VA

Here’s the low down on why hiring a VA will help your business skyrocket.

VA is short for virtual assistant, an industry that exploding industry as more and more businesses and entrepreneurs are becoming aware of how much a VA can help them achieve their goals.

Virtual Assistants are Experts in their Field/Niche.

The awesome thing about virtual assistants are they are experts in their niche and/or industry. This means when you are looking to hire help you know you are getting someone who has made it their career to know either a specific skill or specific industry inside and out. This is of benefit to anyone looking for help in their company as you don’t have to do tons of training to get them up to speed. This means the VA can hit the ground running and focus on helping you, rather than you focusing on helping them.

VA’s are not employees.

The great part about this is there is no overhead for you as the hirer. No benefits to pay out, no office space or supplies to be handed out. This is up to the VA to supply for themselves as part of their business. And you will have agreed up contract for amount of work/hours to be completed. This benefits you in you don’t need to worry about being surprised about how much you have to pay your VA. It is all laid out in an agreement- and if there are to be overages or rush fees you will be made aware of them ahead of time. You only pay for what you need- no lunch breaks, or sick days appear on your invoice! Whether you need ongoing assistance on a monthly basis, or a one time project you need help tackling VA’s can provide you with the type of help you need.  

Great quality of work.

As VA’s are not employees, there is a sense of pride in the workmanship that we provide to our clients, so you are more likely to get a higher quality product as we want to impress you with our industry savvy. Word of mouth, and referrals is huge in this industry, so we want to give you the best quality work.

 You can focus on what you love to do.

As a small business owner I can totally sympathize with anyone who doesn’t love every aspect of your business. You love working with your clients and helping them succeed, but you hate marketing. You love constructing custom furniture, but you don’t want to set up an online shopping cart. That is the best part of hiring a VA. You can outsource the piece of your business that fills you with dread, and let you focus on doing what you love to do, and rock at. Meanwhile a VA, like myself, that likes to market (and rocks at it if I do say so myself), gets to do what I love to do. Win-win right?!

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